Current Exhibition: Nikos Kouroussis (March 23 - April 21, 2001)

Gallery Morfi is honoured to make the opening of its new place with an exhibition by Nikos Kouroussis, who is one of the leading Cyprus artists. The exhibition is two-part - on the ground floor we have his Installations / Egkatastaseis inspired by the ancient tradition of the 'Holy Prostitution' ( Iera Porneia ) , and on the first floor we have a Retrospective ( Anadromiki ) exhibition of the artist's work, with pieces dating from 1975 to date. His work can be described as modern and controversial. The opening night was a great success with a remarkable turnout of people, many of whom are distinguished personalities from the areas of art, politics and the cosmic scene.

Click on the links below to enter the respective photo galleries:

- Installations / Egkatastaseis

- Retrospective / Anadromiki Exhibition

- Photos from the opening night